In the midst of a new stage of development for Southeast European (SEE) cities, with ever positive prospects, new local & regional capital emerging and large international platforms having made major steps in the region, BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB has been set – up to foster cross-regional business development, facilitate valuable connections building and impactful deals origination.

An initiative of influential leaders in the region, the Club is established in Bucharest and connects with the entire SEE, with the aim of enhancing the potential of Southeast European cities.

BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB`s agenda includes but is not limited to:

  • facilitating higher impact & volume of deals
  • increasing the quality of projects and overall quality of urban development
  • fostering sustainable technology and innovation in the sector
  • generating creative approaches in capital sourcing
  • developing appealing investment products

We connect with international counterparts, platforms and media groups from USA, Asia, BRIIC or the Arab Gulf countries to promote our Members` projects and businesses.

A key highlight in BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB`s activity is the focus on major influential sectors for Real Estate and Infrastructure – technology & IT, banking and financial services, BPO, energy, retail & FMCG. It is our firm belief that better products & better businesses can only be generated through consistent and constructive dialogue with the main influencers of the market – the final beneficiaries of real estate and infrastructure developments.

Access to BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB is attained by invitation only, thus ensuring an exclusive level of quality networking and information exchange. Information circulated within the Club meetings and gatherings is exclusive of third parties` use and cannot be disclosed without the consent of participating parties.

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