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Member News: Skanska & ROGCB collaborate on pilot project to develop the Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification

Member News: Skanska & ROGCB collaborate on pilot project to develop the Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification 800 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB


Skanska, one of the largest office buildings developers in Europe and Romania Green Building Council organization are announcing their new partnership that aims to develop the Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification through a pilot project that will be implemented in Skanska’s project that will be developed in Bucureștii Noi. Skanska and ROGCB announce their partnership and intentions at the event organized underthe World Green Building Week umbrella, the largest campaign that supports the acceleration of sustainable constructions globally.

During the event organized under the World Green Building Week umbrella, on September 22, the largest worldwide campaign to support the acceleration of sustainable buildings globally, Skanska and ROGCB announced their collaboration on the pilot project that aims to develop the Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification.

Through this certification, the Romania Green Building Council encourages real estate developers to take measures that are meant to contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. The certification aims to address a series of systematic strategies that provide solutions in combating climate change, improving the health and well-being of people, and moving towards a circular, regenerative economy.

„’Building for a better society’ is not just a slogan for us, but it translates into a series of real solutions systematically implemented by Skanska in its business activities over the years, which shapes the way we design, develop and build the projects we invest in. The Skanska business development division in the CEE can serve as an example of how sustainability becomes an integral part of our entire business and shows how, based on well-thought-out sustainability strategies, we can develop futureproof buildings that have a positive contribution to the future of the real estate, with more sustainable and more efficient office buildings. Through the project to be developed in Bucureștii Noi, we set out to take another step towards achieving Skanska’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 70% by 2030 and the final reduction to net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. This is a pilot project that will function based on a methodology that aims to assess the criteria on which the Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification will be based on”, says Andrei Ivan, Projects Director within the Skanska business development division in the CEE.

The two partners are currently working on developing the concept of this next project based on research conducted by ROGBC on solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. The two partners aspire to finally obtain Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification through the strategies implemented in this project.

“Considering that the decarbonisation of the building sector is a vital step in achieving the environmental and climate objectives aimed for at European level, the Net Zero Carbon Buildings certification will catalyze Romania’s transition towards a carbon neutral built environment., mentions Elena Rastei, Certification Director at Romania Green Building Council.

“We are glad for this partnership with ROGBC and we see it not only as a chance for us to contribute to this change but also as an opportunity to raise awareness regarding the importance of everyone’s involvement in the transition to new business models based on sustainability, that will have a decisive role in combating the climate change. Thereby, through this partnership, we want to encourage the whole chain of partners, potential suppliers, designers, and even competitors to adjoin in this initiative, because only together can we meet the global challenge of changing the environment, the society, and the economy for the better, adds Andrei Ivan, Projects Director in the business development division of Skanska in the CEE.

Skanska is a pioneer in terms of providing sustainable workspaces in Central and Eastern Europe. Skanska’s concern for the environment and the efforts invested in developing futureproof buildings are also recognized by WELL and LEED certifications, highlighting once again Skanska’s contribution in promoting a business model that encourages sustainable strategies. The Campus 6.2 and 6.3 buildings are the first buildings in Romania to obtain the WELL pre-certification, at Silver level. The Equilibrium building is LEED Core & Shell certified at Platinum level and currently operates 100% based on energy from renewable sources.

ROMANIA | NEW ECONOMY AGENDA | September 29th | What’s next in Q4 2021 & 2022?

ROMANIA | NEW ECONOMY AGENDA | September 29th | What’s next in Q4 2021 & 2022? 893 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB
Free access for BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB Member Companies based on prior confirmations.  Please note the number of participants is limited due to the sanitary restrictions. If interested to attend, please confirm your participation at bianca@verbio.ro. All access & logistical information will be provided based on confirmation.

Faced with the consequences of the global pandemic, we have a rare window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine & reset our economy and the way we do business.

From reimagining and transforming their businesses for greater resilience to preparing organizations for new tech and digital business models, innovators across sectors are demonstrating that there are successful alternatives. They are pioneering the changes we need to scale up and adapt across industries and markets if we want to change our world for the better.

Join us at “ROMANIA NEW ECONOMY AGENDA” on September 29th in Bucharest. We bring together innovative leaders and entrepreneurs to showcase their solutions, build meaningful connections and inspire change across society.

Agenda highlights:


Among the speakers:

  • Daniel Daianu, Administration Council Member, National Bank of Romania
  • Ciprian Dascalu, Chief Economist, BCR
  • Andreas Lier, President of AHK Romania | Managing Director, BASF
  • Fulga Dinu, Country Manager Operations, Immofinanz
  • Ion Moldoveanu, VP Leading Technology Manager, Deutsche Bank Global Technology
  • Paul Nita, General Manager, ID Logistics Romania | VP, ARILOG
  • Daniela Badulescu, Country Manager, S IMMO
  • Andrei Militaru, CEO, NOD – Network One Distribution
  • Radu Constantinescu, Co-founder, Qualitance
  • Mihai Ciurtin, General Manager, Intersnack
  • Alessandro Masotti, Head of International Clients, UniCredit Bank
  • Corneliu Bodea, President, CRE – Romanian Energy Center | CEO, Adrem
  • Christophe Weller, Founder, COS
  • Bogdan Pismicenco, Country Manager, Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova, Kaspersky
  • Eduard Dumitrascu, President, Romania Smart City Association
  • Valentina Frângu, Public Sector Director, Dell Romania 
  • Emma Toma, Head of Office Division, AFI Europe Romania
  • Razvan Crisan, VP, HORA |  Co-founder, M60 & Kane Seasonal Bistro
  • Konstantinos Vakalidis, Founder, Atena Medical Center
  • Alexandru Lapusean, Founder, Zitec
  • Daniel Nicolae, Co-founder, Innoship
  • Cosmin Vilcu, Regional Manager, East Europe, SonicWall

Access information:

As the epidemiological situation generated by Covid-19 is evolving in this period, we took the following preventive measures:

  • Masks and disinfectants will be available at the event location 
  • A medical team will perform rapid antigen tests for guests who do not hold a valid green certificate.
  • An area of ​​at least 2 sqm will be ensured for each guest.

The event is co-organized by AHK – The German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, ANIS – Employers` Association of the Software and Services Industry, ARILOG, The Romanian Association for Smart City, CRE – Romanian Energy Center, HORA – Romanian HoReCa Association, Hellenic – Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB.


For more information please contact us at bucharest@brec.ro.

Member News: Element Industrial Starts ELI Park Braila, a New Logistics Project

Member News: Element Industrial Starts ELI Park Braila, a New Logistics Project 800 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

Real estate developer Element Industrial announces a new project in its portfolio, ELI Park Braila, a total investment of over 25 million EUR. The logistic scheme is localized on an 11-hectares plot in Braila Free Zone. Element Industrial plans here the development of a 50.000 sqm GLA logistic park in 3 phases.

We have recently received the building permit for the first phase of 10.000 sqm, an excellent option for distribution, production or logistics, with direct access to E584”, said Andrei Jerca, Managing Director, Element Industrial, also adding: “Braila has all the advantages a business needs: positioning in the road-naval junction, labor force, the opening given by the bridge over the Danube and, last but not least, local authorities that make every effort to attract investors in the area.”

ELI Park Braila Logistic Park is to be built according to class A standards and for the future phases the developer also targets “built to suit” constructions.

Element Industrial is one of the most active Romanian developers on the logistics market. The developer is working on a series of projects under the ELI Parks brand, logistics parks with areas between 50-60.000 sqm in Bucharest, Bacau, Braila or Ploiesti, as well as warehouses with smaller areas, grouped under the name ELI Xpress in cities such as Bucharest, or Pitesti. The developer also offers an integrated package of built to suit services for production and storage facilities, starting from the identification of the lands suitable for such developments, authorization, design and delivery according to the specific requirements for each project.

ONV LAW / BACK TO OFFICE ANALYSIS: EU recommends managers to support as much as possible employees affected by Covid – 19

ONV LAW / BACK TO OFFICE ANALYSIS: EU recommends managers to support as much as possible employees affected by Covid – 19 626 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

Managers have a significant impact on the successful come – back to the workplace of the employees, their actions and behavior being able to influence the employees` capacity of returning to work, points out an ONV LAW analysis over a series of recommendations of the European Union (EU) made via the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work

One of the highlighted aspects in the EU recommendations is the distinction between the « acute Covid-19 » stage, in which the most severe disease symptoms manifest and which can take 2 up to 4 weeks and the « long evolution Covid-19 » stage or « permanent symptomatic Covid-19», with symptoms lasting 4-12 weeks and the « post-Covid-19 syndrome», with symptoms lasting at least 12 weeks. 

“The European Union shows that the long-lasting symptoms are usually ignored, although they have a significant impact on the employees` work capacity, thus most of the ones who report persistent symptoms will need workplace adaptations and a slow come back,” states Lorena Ciobanu, ONV LAW Partner.

The 5 main EU recommendations for managers:

  •   Keep permanent contact with the employees in their work absence period
  •   Prepare for the employee`s return to the workplace
  •   Have a conversation with the employee about coming back to the office
  •   Offer support in the first days after return
  •   Offer permanent support and organize regular meetings with the employee

The ONV LAW analysis also shows that it may be necessary to apply temporary policies regarding Covid-19, especially regarding absence due to disease and necessity to support versus sanction those who need a prolonged absence period or adjusted tasks. The absence or the diminishing of work capacity for a considerable number of employees can cause pressure on continuing activities or on the employees who remained at work.

EU recommends supplementary work volume at the lowest possible level for employees affected by Covid-19

The EU recommendations also include maintaining the extra work volume at the lowest possible level, as well as limiting supplementary work as much as possible. Direct managers have an important role in monitoring the situation and avoiding employees` overload, thus it is recommended to respect the rules and agreements regarding the work schedule and rest periods; also employers are recommended to allow employees to relax when they are not at work.

Regardless of the vaccination or the return to office rate of the recovered employees, the EU recommends maintaining sanitary measures, including physical distancing, hygiene, using protection masks to prevent virus spread. These measures remain important, even if the vaccination rate increases.

There are numerous actions that can help the returning employees to manage their health and work, thus the telemedicine professionals remark that the best results are registered when the manager and employees collaborate in this regard.

“In conclusion, we can notice that due to the duration and the impact of the post-Covid-19, people may need a slow come back to work, also known as <progressive> return. It is less probable that a standard, instant come back to be adequate for those affected by long evolution Covid-19. Progressive returns can be adapted in time and may last weeks or even months. For employees with fatigue symptoms, remote work and diminishing the work rhythm, meaning working with rest pauses depending on symptoms are important according to the EU recommendations,” concludes the ONV LAW specialist.

A study by Ipsos Romania quoted by ONV LAW shows that almost half (48%) of the employees who worked from home wish very much to come back to their workplace.

Member News: Fortress REIT Acquires ELI Park 1 from Element Industrial & Paval Holding

Member News: Fortress REIT Acquires ELI Park 1 from Element Industrial & Paval Holding 800 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

Fortress, one of the largest real estate investments trusts (REITs) in South Africa, has reached an agreement with Element Industrial and Paval Holding and signed the acquisition contract for ELI Park 1, a Class A industrial development located in the newest logistics hub in Bucharest North-West, Buftea – Chitila, marking thus their first logistics acquisition in Romania.

Romania is one of the most exciting long-term logistics and warehousing investment propositions globally due to the high industrial and consumer growth potential and close access to Western Europe. The market is in the development phase with a lot of runway for real estate investment for Fortress,” said Steven Brown, CEO of Fortress REIT Limited.

We are satisfied that by developing ELI Park 1 at high standards we have attracted a new player on the local market, South Africa’s largest logistics owner and developer, which brings valuable know-how and experience in Romania,” said Andrei Jerca, Managing Director of Element Industrial. “The transaction confirms Buftea-Chitila as the 3rd logistics hub near Bucharest as well as the developing force of Element Industrial, recognized by a worldwide real estate giant,” he added.

ELI Park 1 is a 50.000 sqm GLA Class A logistics and industrial park, located 15 minutes from North of Bucharest and 5 minutes from the ring road, near the connection with the future A0, Bucharest new ring road. This is expected to change the logistics industry for Romania’s Capital City. ELI Park 1 is leased to tenants such as Arctic, Decor Floor, Dentotal, Euro Games Technology Romania, Kalapod, Mobilier 1, Novomatic and Paste Baneasa.  ELI Park 1 was developed in joint venture by Element Industrial (founded by Romanian real estate investor Ionut Dumitrescu) and Paval Holding (founded by two Romanian entrepreneurs, Dragos and Adrian Paval).

The transaction has been coordinated by a joint team from the sale – side: Diana Nanu and Alexandra Popa from Element Group and Karina Paval and Narcisa Stanimir from Paval Holding, assisted by the real estate consultant CBRE Romania led by Mihai Patrulescu and legal experts from Kinstellar, led by Alexandru Mocanescu.

On the buyer`s side, the transaction has been coordinated by Steven Brown, Howard Penny and Maciej Tuszynski of Fortress, assisted by Bogdan Papandopol, in consultation with Perry Zizzi, of Dentons, Cushman &Wakefield Echinox (led by Tim Wilkinson) and PWC (led by Cornelia Bumbacea).

Part of Element Group, with diverse investments in logistics, retail and office, Element Industrial is one of the most active local developers on the logistics market. The pandemic created new opportunities in the logistics market, in the context of acceleration of digitalization and the growth of the e-commerce market.

Through the diversity of products in the portfolio of Element Industrial, the developer aims to be a flexible partner for logistics space tenants in Romania. Besides the investments from the Buftea-Chitila hub, Element Industrial is working on several projects located in cities such as Bacau, Braila, Ploiesti or Pitesti. The company’s target is to develop 500.000 sqm by 2026.

BREC Partners: AHK presents ”Cities of Tomorrow” Conference, September 13 – 16 (Bucharest)

BREC Partners: AHK presents ”Cities of Tomorrow” Conference, September 13 – 16 (Bucharest) 798 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

10% participation discount for BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB member companies. The event will be held in a hybrid online-offline format.

The annual event dedicated to the sustainable development of Romanian cities and regions is at its 9th edition and has consolidated its position as a top event for the business environment, architecture, urban development and administration.

Encouraging the sustainable development of the country, promoting measures to increase its attractiveness for new investments and stimulating the country’s competitiveness are essential factors for the organizers. Cities of Tomorrow offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, concepts and know-how between the public and private sectors, with the ambition to create a context conducive to concrete actions leading to tangible results.

Relevant authorities, as well as business representatives, both German and Romanian experts will take part in the event. Confirmed panelists list includes Sebastian Metz, General Manager of the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania), Andreas Lier, President of the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania), Christian Plate, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bucharest, Radu Mihaiu, Mayor of District 2, Bucharest, Burkhard Drescher, Managing Director, ICM – Innovation City Management GmbH, Ioan Popa, Mayor of Resita, Andreas Kipar, Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director, LAND – Landscape Architecture Nature Development, Eugen Panescu, planwerk Cluj, Executive Board Member at Architects Council of Europe, Dorothee Hasnas, Architect and Cultural Manager.

Click here to see the full event agenda

To book a seat at the conference, please fill out the registration form.

If you represent a public authority, participation is free – register here.

Read more about AHK – The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Member News: Immofinanz reports strong earnings for the first half-year

Member News: Immofinanz reports strong earnings for the first half-year 620 398 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

IMMOFINANZ generated strong growth in the results of operations and net profit during the first half-year. The expansion of the portfolio through acquisitions in Bucharest and Italy during recent months will be continued, with an acquisition and development project pipeline in volume of of more than EUR 1 billion.

IMMOFINANZ reports strong results for the first half of 2021, even though the markets generally remained under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and related containment measures. The results of operations rose by a sound 73% to EUR 103.3 million, above all due to an increase in the results of asset management and the results of property development combined with cost savings, and shows the professional performance of IMMOFINANZ employees in all markets. The progress of vaccination campaigns and the related economic upturn supported the recovery of part of the crisis-related property write-downs from the previous year. Net profit turned strongly positive and, at EUR 228.6 million, clearly exceeded the pre-crisis half-year in 2019. FFO 1, which excludes valuation results and reflects the company‘s operating cash flow earning power, improved by 7.7% to EUR 64.4 million and also substantially exceeded the pre-crisis FFO 1 from the 2019 reference period. 

“The strong development of our business and portfolio in the first half of 2021 underscores the excellent position of our real estate products in both crisis times and for the following years as well as our pioneering role in Europe – with regard to our high-quality, flexible myhive office solutions and our standing as Europe’s leading retail park operator. From this basis, we intend to continue our growth course as one of the major European real estate companies and are planning acquisitions and development projects for more than one billion euros by 2024“, states Dietmar Reindl, COO of IMMOFINANZ.

Plans include the further expansion of the existing asset classes with myhive in Vienna and in the capital cities of the core countries. The STOP SHOP retail park portfolio will grow from roughly 100 to 140 locations, whereby the country focus will be placed on Italy and Croatia, CEE and, selectively, also on Western Europe.

“We are very well positioned for this growth with a robust balance sheet structure, more than one billion euros of available liquidity, our investment-grade rating and favourable financing costs of 1.9%. In view of the strong earnings and financial situation and successful crisis management, we will make a recommendation to the annual general meeting for the 2020 financial year to increase the dividend from EUR 0.55 per share to EUR 0.75 per share“, explains Stefan Schönauer, CFO of IMMOFINANZ.

Property portfolio grows to EUR 5.1 billion

IMMOFINANZ’s portfolio included 209 properties with a combined carrying amount of EUR 5.1 billion at the end of June 2021 (31 December 2020: EUR 5.0 billion). Of this total, approximately 64% are attributable to the office business and 35% to the retail business. The gross return equals 5.9% based on IFRS rental income and 6.2% based on invoiced rents. The occupancy rate equals 94.1% and continues to represent a high level in international comparison (31 December 2020: 96.0%). The retail properties are essentially fully rented with an occupancy rate of 97.5%, and all of the space in our shopping centers and retail parks is open without limitation. The office business registered a slight decline in the occupancy rate to 90.3% during the first half-year – primarily due to a reduction in the space leased by a major tenant in Germany which was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the still challenging environment, we completed several new major long-term rentals: for example, nearly 11,000 sqm to a leading Romanian medical center provider in Bucharest.

More than EUR 1 billion of available liquid funds

IMMOFINANZ has a robust balance sheet structure with an equity ratio of 47.4% (31. December 2020: 45.1%) and cash and cash equivalents of EUR 966.9 million. Furthermore, a revolving credit line of EUR 100.0 million is also available. The net loan to value remains at a conservative 38.1% (31 December 2020: 37.8%). The average remaining term of the financial liabilities is 4.25 years, and the average financing costs declined to 1.91% per year including derivatives (31 December 2020: 1.99%). The hedging quota is high at 88.6%, and the unencumbered asset pool (investment property and S IMMO shares at the EPRA NAV) totals EUR 2.0 billion or 35.6% (31 December 2020: EUR 2.0 billion or 34.9%).

EPRA indicators and book value per share improve by roughly 8%

The EPRA NTA per share rose by 7.8% to EUR 30.0 as of 30 June 2021 (31 December 2020: EUR 27.8). This increase is primarily attributable to the positive development of earnings in the first half of 2021. The book value per share increased by 7.8% to EUR 27.2 (31 December 2020: EUR 25.2).

Read more 


3 Things We Liked Most at The New Marmorosch Hotel Bucharest

3 Things We Liked Most at The New Marmorosch Hotel Bucharest 600 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB took the opportunity to visit the new 5-star Marmorosch Hotel, recently inaugurated in Bucharest Downtown historical center, under the Autograph Collection brand by Apex Alliance, after a long and careful restoration process led by CUMULUS Architecture Studio.

The rich architecture of the Art-Deco, as well as the interior design, tell a story of progressive ideas of the time evoking the thrilling sense of historical importance and optimism that is closely tied with the era. Currently, the hotel features 217 rooms from standard category to suites, 4 meeting and ballrooms, 4 F&B outlets (restaurant, lounge, bar as well as a coffee corner), a fitness center and an SPA with an indoor pool and treatment rooms. Here is what we liked most:

1.      The careful conservation of a valuable La Belle Epoque building

The Marmorosch, a class A monument decorated in neo-Romanian style, became the first hotel opened under the Autograph Collection brand in Romania. The restoration process was a difficult and challenging one, as the architects state, most of them due to the responsibility of the building’s heritage. The interior design reflects the interwar period and every inch has been restored or reconditioned, implying a total budget of EUR 42 mil. from investor Appex Alliance.

2.      The edgy interior design

The consolidation and restoration work for the Marmorosch – Blank Palace and converting the former Bucharest bank into a 5-star hotel took 3 years, under the coordination of CUMULUS Architecture Office. The Art Deco and Art Nouveau architectural heritage include architectural and artworks, restored murals, specific furniture for the bank’s activity and many other bank references that can be found at every step in Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection.

“The Marmorosch building is itself built on an early stylistic experiment of undeniable value. The whole process of design, coordination and execution of the project meant for us at CUMULUS a privilege to be able to contribute to the conversion of a bank building into a hotel, thus rendered to the public through its open function”, said architect Adrian Soare, Senior Managing Partner at CUMULUS Architecture and lead author of the project.

Marmorosch Bucharest has a total of 217 rooms, split between Silver and Gold rooms, with the addition of Heritage and Platinum suites and the spectacular Marmorosch Palace Suite designed by YES Design Lithuania.

“Marmorosch Blank is a private bank that was the foundation of modern Romania, the monument building being of a unique stylistic value for Bucharest. The conversion and restoration project in The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection is about bringing back to the public circuit a historical heritage that we can be proud of, to open to the city an abandoned, forgotten building and to create a reference point on the emotional map of the city”, architect Adrian Soare ads. 

For interior design & other specialties, the architects collaborated with YES Design, a pioneering design studio from Lithuania.

3.      Contemporary atmosphere, while thoroughly respecting this heritage building

We loved the modern adaptation of various interior design elements under this historical building. As an example, a cool contemporary bar has been set up on the former safe deposit location, underground the building and all over the building modern elements naturally blend with the original architecture of the place.

The architects` challenges were also the adaptation of the building to the operational safety and fire safety requirements in force in Romania, as well as to the strict standards of the Autograph Collection by Marriott brand for a luxury hotel while preserving all the existing valuable elements.

The former premises of Marmorosch Blank Bank were designed and erected in several phases starting with the year 1912. The initial design was elaborated by the architect  Petre Antonescu and given its spatial and decorative qualities, the building represents an eloquent example of bank architecture of traditional inspiration of the early 20th Century.

Photo Credit: Bianca Dobrescu

Decor Floor’s objective for 2021 is to reach a turnover of € 15 million

Decor Floor’s objective for 2021 is to reach a turnover of € 15 million

Managing Partner, Decor Floor CEE
Company turnover:
€ 10 million
15 years in real estate & construction

Octavian Moroianu joined Decor Floor in 2009, as Sales Manager and thanks to the delivered results he shortly became a shareholder for Decor Floor Romania. With a vision aligned to the highest standards and expectations of both local companies as well as corporations on the local market, he manages to constantly achieve outstanding results in all undertaken projects.

As Managing Partner at Decor Floor, he dedicates all his efforts into building a strong business strategy, marked by an organic growth. In 2016 Decor Floor, under Octavian’s leadership launched its first showroom in Cluj – Napoca, the maintenance services and the first Sales office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Decor Floor delivered in 2020 more than 150.000 sqm of raised access floor systems for the most iconic office buildings in Bucharest, together with more than 145.000 sqm of floor finishes, such as carpet tiles, vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, ceramics and commercial rubber flooring.

Well adapted to the evolution of market, the company focuses on the digitalization of its processes. That is why, in the last 2 years, they accelerated the development process of a 100% internally created ERP/CRM software. Today, the software allows the entire Decor Floor team to access all relevant documents and statuses of their projects, thus acting like a tool for the project management process. The in-house IT team works at launching a version specially tailored for the company’s business partners.

With the aim to have a wider visibility into the entire inventory and allow the team to systematically and effectively locate the products, Octavian took a further step in 2020 and invested in a Warehouse Management System, together with a new warehouse location. All the information that was traditionally maintained as packaging lists hard copies, can now be maintained digitally.

The future of Decor Floor, drawn by Octavian in his business plan, targets launching a new business division, the opening of a Sales office in Warsaw and more automation for all processes within the company. The company’s objective for 2021 is to reach a turnover of € 15 million – a 50% increase as compared to 2020.

EXPO REAL 2021: BREC Promotes Real Estate Business in Romania, with AHK Rumänien

EXPO REAL 2021: BREC Promotes Real Estate Business in Romania, with AHK Rumänien 898 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB
Photo Credit: EXPO REAL

This year between October 11 – 13 in Munich, Germany, BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB teams up with AHK Rumänien – the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support the official participation of Romania at EXPO REAL, the most prestigious real estate industry international event, traditionally held every year, since 1998.

“The importance of EXPO REAL as an international trade fair for property and investment is unbroken. We witness a huge demand for face-to-face encounters and have taken every precaution to ensure a safe stay for everyone involved,” explained Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München.  

To date, more than 800 companies—exhibitors as well as co-exhibitors—have confirmed their participation. The number of registrations will further increase because the main exhibitors on the numerous joint pavilions are now registering additional co-exhibitors. Exhibitors already registered include real estate companies as well as cities, regions and countries.  Exhibitors include companies such as Aareal Bank, Aurelis, BayernLB, Bayerische Hausbau, Berlin Hyp, BNP Real Estate, CBRE, Colliers, Commerz Real, Deka Immobilien Investment , DIP Deutsche Immobilien Partner, Dreso, DWS, Edeka, Garbe Industrial Real Estate, Goldbeck, Helaba, Instone Group, Invesco Real Estate, JLL, KGAL, Logicor, Nassauische Heimstätte, pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Savills, Signa Group of Companies, TREI Real Estate, UniCredit, Union Investment Real Estate, Zech Group or ZIA.

At EXPO REAL 2021, in partnership with AHK Rumänien, BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB will promote the largest real estate investments in Bucharest and the Regional Cities of Romania – major Urban Regeneration Projects, Office Developments, New Retail, Logistics and Residential investments.

25/08/ 2021