Bucharest sees Real Estate used as engaging Marketing tool

Bucharest sees Real Estate used as engaging Marketing tool 800 450 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

Bucharest: Real Estate

used as engaging Marketing tool

Occasionally used up to now on the local retail market, “the pop-up shop” concept gained ground in 2017, with new, innovative implementations.

In a crowded media context, brands look for new ways to interact with their consumers and promote product launches. Despite a growing e-commerce industry, emotions are the main driver of loyalty and that is why the “pop-up shop” concept creates great opportunities for brands.

Retailers look for spaces centrally located, with great visibility and that also allow an out of the box interior design, following the latest trends on the market. If, usually, the long-term rent for a 100 sqm prime shop on high street is ranging between 50-60 EUR, the same time of shop leased for a very short period – under a month- is up to 50% more expensive.

Lidl, the retailer with one of the biggest networks in Romania, chose to go for the “pop-up shop” concept to mark the official launching of Esmara clothing line, a collaboration with Heidi Klum. The company opened a temporary shop at a highly-desired address, Magheru One. An emblematic property in Bucharest city center, this building dates back from the inter-war period and was completely renovated by the Austrian-developer SB Gruppe between 2010-2012.

The “pop-up” concept challenges the creativity of the retailers to bring out the most ingenious spaces. Heineken implemented “Bar of the world” campaign in Bucharest in a building from the Old Town of Bucharest, which ideally combines old and new, with a façade of red brick and glass.

The building, property of local investor Media One, was the perfect place for an unconventional campaign from Heineken which transformed every floor in diffrent settings, all typical for one country: Brasil, Japan, Iceland and Holland.

Casa di Peroni reached its third edition in Bucharest and chose a building on one of the main high streets of the Capital: Calea Victoriei. Under the concept Il Gusto d’Italia, Peroni invited its customers in a culinary trip from three Italian regions: Amalfi & Sicily, Tuscany and the North part – Italian Alps, Cinque Terre and Como Lake.

In an industry with tough regulations and very few options for promotions, Philip Morris chose to rent on long-term the entire Oromolu Villa in Victoriei Sq, naming the space QREATOR by IQOS, a hub for the creative industry. This is probably the most interesting use of real estate as it becomes a marketing instrument in the company’s strategy to promote its latest innovation system – heating tobacco, instead of burning it.