JLL: “Workplace transformation is a game changer”

JLL: “Workplace transformation is a game changer” 1920 864 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

JLL: “Workplace transformation is a game changer”

Unprecedented disruption has created a new world of work driven by technology and an increasingly liquid workforce, JLL report “The future of work” states. The real estate consultancy company thinks that the future will belong to those who can embrace uncertainty, turn disruption into opportunity, and act to transform.

The ideal workspace, as JLL visions it, is articulated around five dimensions driving fundamental changes for corporate organizations:

  • Digital Drive Harness digitization and rich data to enhance people and enterprise performance.
  • Continuous Innovation Combine new thinking, solutions and processes to drive value creation and accelerate transformation.
  • Operational Excellence Optimize enterprise resources and service delivery to increase productivity, mitigate risks and ensure high performance.
  • Financial Performance Manage spending to enable growth and enhance ROI.
  • Human Experience Enhance user experience through engagement, empowerment and fulfillment.

“Today, as a result of unprecedented disruption, real estate is a strategic lever for transformation.
It enables organizations to leverage uncertainty, to prioritize investments, drive return on investment (ROI) and achieve broader business agendas”, Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Research, JLL Corporate Solutions


1. Adopting a flexible working model to meet the needs of an evolving workforce through activity-based working.
2. Understanding the impact of a liquid workforce on the business model.
3. Redesigning workplaces to enhance human experience through engagement, empowerment and fulfillment.
4. Creating new metrics that matter to demonstrate increased performance through people and place.
5. Designing the working environment with a strong appeal towards environmental and social achievements.

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