New York based AI property platform Facilio: Romania is a key market in our strategic expansion

New York based AI property platform Facilio: Romania is a key market in our strategic expansion 1600 985 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

New York based AI property platform Facilio: Romania is a key market in our strategic expansion

Founded in 2017, Facilio is founded by ex Zoho Corporation veterans and is a leading AI-based property operations platform that helps real estate portfolios aggregate building data, optimize performance in real-time and control operations – all from one place.

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Padova, Dubai, Chennai & Singapore, Facilio is a global company backed by leading investors including Accel Partners venture capital firm and Tiger Global Management investment. 

“Facilio has a fast-growing presence in Southern Europe and Romania is a key market in our strategic expansion,” says Prabhu Ramachandran, CEO & Founder of Facilio for BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB.

There is a stringent need for the existing building stock in the region to be brought in line with energy efficiency standards, in addition to the renewed focus on safety, comfort, and building health compliance. Facilio’s AI-based property operations software platform helps real estate owners and operators with real-time operational intelligence to manage, maintain, and operate large portfolios with agility. It helps operatives aggregate building data, optimize portfolio performance and control operations – all from one place, Facilio representatives explain.  

Facilio CEO: Digitalization brings multiple opportunities for Romanian buildings 

Energy efficiency of buildings is a priority of EU policies on energy and climate goals. The review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has brought new requirements for the introduction of smart building technologies to boost sustainability, improve building performance, and enhance the overall quality of comfort and experience of occupants, through digital retrofitting and renovation approaches. 

“The digital transformation in buildings and energy performance poses multiple new opportunities for Romanian buildings to harness existing system data and innovate in portfolio operations, meet climate goals and deliver a seamless occupant experience with an IoT-led solution like Facilio”, explains the CEO & Founder of Facilio.

5.5 mil. Sqm of Property managed with Facilio

With its hardware-agnostic IoT Edge agent, Facilio aggregates hard-to-access building data onto a single platform-within days (and not weeks). Facilio provides a suite of apps for O&M management including maintenance management, connected buildings solutions, and tenant experience management. 

Facilio customers total 60 million square feet (5.5 mil. sqm) property in the commercial office, healthcare & retail categories, using the platform to reduce operations costs, increase net asset value & de-risk operational liability. The ICD Brookfield Place in Dubai (photo), a modern mixed – use development with dining, community and retail spaces, with over 90.000 sqm of office space, is one of Facilio`s clients in UAE.