Atria Urban Resort represents a groundbreaking approach to multifamily living in Sector 1, northern Bucharest. It pioneers urban regeneration, transforming a former beer factory site into a vibrant residential enclave. Renowned for its exceptional quality of life-to-cost ratio and exemplary urban planning, the neighbourhood boasts vast green spaces across its 9-hectare landscape beside Straulesti Lake.

Developed by Cityring Property and EVERGENT Investments, Atria is nearing completion of Phase Three, bringing the project to 900 units. Phase Four – an additional 450 apartments – is currently is under authorization.

This master-planned community features modern 5 and 7-story buildings strategically designed to create atrium-like courtyards. Residents revel in lush landscapes, benefiting from a balanced 1:1 ratio of trees to apartments, energy-efficient structures, movie-nights, egg-hunts, and other community activities.

Atria Urban Resort is acclaimed for its sustainable development approach, having received multiple awards in various categories. Middle-market buyers are drawn to its plethora of amenities, including playgrounds, swimming pools, private roads, and parking facilities, alongside comprehensive municipal utilities ensuring convenience, security, and privacy. With diverse layouts catering to various age groups – from studios to three-bedroom apartments and garden units – Atria addresses crucial gaps in the Bucharest residential market, embodying place-making principles of community, identity, and belonging.

Sustainability is central to Atria’s ethos, weaving social, economic, and environmental threads into a unique, boutique-like housing project, built on a large scale.

Future plans include the lake-frontage, suitable for further residential property development, as it spans 650m of the Straulesti Lake shoreline.