MEDARU Architects – Med Line Group srl, Iasi, Romania, is a well established practice of architects, interior architects and urban planners with 20 years experience in the Romanian market and in partnership with companies from the United Kingdom. Our primary passion is to design office buildings and their interior spaces. We are dedicated to our clients throughout the process, starting from the conceptual design and test fit, moving to the layouts and look&feel approval, then to the construction phase until the final stages of completion.


Through our work philosophy, we manage to create balanced solutions between the quality of space and the efficiency of engineering aspects. Thus, we create functional architecture objects that indicate a contemporary and rational view of our understanding of aesthetics. One of our missions is to bring to reality the best version of our clients’ aspirations. We pride ourself to be one of the first practices in Romania fully operating in Revit and BIM 360 making collaboration seamless with our global clients.


Being based in Romania gives the team a 2 hour head start at the beginning of each day when compared to London and being in Europe allows the team to communicate effectively with every time zone. In addition, our team has years of international and cross cultural experience, resulting from our successful partnerships with global design companies in multiple locations across Europe. For our clients around the country, our team aspires to develop ground-breaking projects that set new standards.

VISION: Our vision is to enhance people’s life through our projects with an enviromental positive impact.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide reliable and high quality solutions that respond to actual global challenges.

SPIRIT: We are a creative, inclusive, innovative and passionate team.

VALUES: Our values are strongly linked to professionalism, reliability, quality and innovation.

ASPIRATION: We strive to influence locally through our sustainable and valuable solutions.


We are fully committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals. We place sustainability at the heart of our work, designing buildings and infrastructure to produce positive environmental impacts with the objective of achieving energy efficiency and durability and prioritising the wellbeing, safety, and comfort of all building occupants. We are committed to creating buildings that can successfully integrate within the wider ecosystem with minimal impact. The company’s sustainability department offers LEED, BREEAM In-Use, WELL and Green Homes certification services.