Company Overview
Pinum Doors & Windows, a distinguished Romanian-Italian enterprise and a subsidiary of the Nusco Group, was established in 1992 in Bucharest. Over the past three decades, the company has ascended to a leadership position in the Romanian market, specializing in the design and manufacturing of interior and exterior doors, as well as exterior carpentry solutions.

In a dynamic architectural landscape that ranges from modern urban settings to historically rich locales, Pinum Doors & Windows remains agile and responsive. We are committed to delivering innovative design solutions of unparalleled quality, working in collaboration with industry-leading specialists. Our operational excellence aligns with both national and international standards, setting us apart in the marketplace.

Product Portfolio
Our diverse product range is designed to accommodate varying budgetary requirements. We prioritize quality, execution, and timely delivery, focusing on the minutiae that make a difference. Our comprehensive offerings include interior doors, entrance doors, metal doors, armored doors, fire doors, PVC windows, aluminum windows, and parquet flooring. We continually invest in the development of new product variants to offer our customers an expansive array of choices.

Manufacturing Excellence and Distribution Partnerships
We excel in the manufacturing and commercialization of both interior and exterior door solutions, as well as advanced exterior carpentry systems. Our commitment to quality is further exemplified by our choice of aluminum and PVC profiles for carpentry. We exclusively use profiles from industry-leading suppliers—Schüco, Gealan, and Reynaers—to ensure the highest standards of durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Our Italian partner, NUSCO SpA, facilitates the manufacturing of wooden and aluminum-plated exterior carpentry and interior doors in their Nola-based facility. We also maintain strategic partnerships with premier Italian brands such as Rimadesio, Barausse, Lualdi, Berti and Alias.

Heritage and Evolution
Founded in 1992, Nusco Group has made substantial investments to modernize the facility, aligning it with international standards. Consequently, Pinum Doors & Windows has not only become a significant name in the Romanian market but has also expanded its footprint through exports to various European, African and North-American countries.

Franchising Strategy
As part of our growth trajectory, we are actively exploring franchising opportunities to extend our market reach. Our franchising model is designed to empower local entrepreneurs by providing them with a turnkey business solution, complete with training and operational support. This strategy aligns with our vision to make high-quality design and craftsmanship accessible on a global scale.