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Women in Real Estate by BREC: The 1st Report on Women in Real Estate Leadership Positions in Romania

If in the real estate markets in Western Europe it is quite rare to meet female figures in leadership roles, the same cannot be said about Romania, where a series of women with a long career are at the helm of prolific businesses, at least in recent years. According to BREC estimates, women are in top positions in the local market in several companies with assets whose total value exceeds 5 billion euros. The new phase of development after the financial crisis has brought not only a more responsible growth and more quality products on the market, but also numerous promotions of women in management positions: from investment funds or development companies to financing institutions or companies advisory and law, as well as entrepreneurial businesses.

Moreover, the BREC study reveals that Romanian women also hold global positions in the real estate field. One such case is that of Elisabeta Boşneag, Head of Global Real Estate at UiPath. She has been working in real estate for over ten years, covering various market segments, starting with the industrial – logistics and continuing with the project management of office space. For two years, Elisabeta Boșneag helped to develop and open the 47 UiPath offices around the world.

Anca Damour holds the position of member of the board of directors of Carrefour and her name is linked to the strong expansion of the French retailer, reaching 370 stores with various formats on the local market. From his role as manager of the expansion and real estate, legal, external communication, corporate affairs and social responsibility departments, he contributed decisively to one of the fastest expansions of the Carrefour Group in Romania, which led to a doubling of the company’s turnover from EUR 1 billion to 2 bln., between 2013 and 2018.

The passion for residences is the red thread of a career spanning 19 years in real estate. b is Vice President, Residential Division of One United Properties – a company known for projects such as One Herăstrău Park, One Charles de Gaulle or One Herastrau Plaza. “It is important to keep your ethics and backbone as a professional and human, on a market where properties that are no longer for sale are promoted, for example, or where offers listed at all agencies appear, at least three different prices “, Beatrice Dumitrașcu believes.

The logistics sector is also not bypassed by women in terms of management. With 12 years of experience in the local market, Sînziana Pardhan is the Managing Director for Romania of logistics developer P3, a developer and long-term owner of logistics properties in Europe, 100% owned by GIC, the sovereign wealth fund of Singapore. Sînziana manages a portfolio of 380,000 sqm of logistics spaces in Bucharest and oversees the development of a new 80,000 sqm park in Dragomirești Vale.

Antoanela Comșa is General Manager of Gran Via Romania, a Spanish developer with investments exceeding 200 million euros on the local market. In 2020 Antoanela celebrated ten years of activity within Gran Via, which reached at the end of last year a turnover on the whole group of approximately 43.2 million euros, cumulating the financial results from the ensembles Timișoara 58, Gran Via Park and Aviației Apartments.

The Women In Real Estate study reveals 33 success stories, inspiring young women at the beginning of the road. Among them, we mention Aurelia Luca, Executive Vice President for Romanian operations within Skanska Commercial Development Europe, Ramona Iacob, Country Manager of IWG (the group of which Regus and Spaces are part), Emma Toma, Head of Office Divison, AFI Europe Romania, Diana Nanu, Strategic Advisor at Element Group, Ema Iftimie, Head of Leasing at Globalworth, Cristina Căpitanu and Elena Oancea, Co-Founders of Lemon Interior Design.

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