2024 Trends with Bradon Lee, BLA & Molteni Flagship

2024 Trends with Bradon Lee, BLA & Molteni Flagship

2024 Trends with Bradon Lee, BLA & Molteni Flagship 599 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB


Brandon Lee, Managing Director, BLA & Molteni Flagship

Top 3 trends you foresee in 2024 for the segment of interior design?

“In 2024, I anticipate a dynamic shift in interior design trends, merging artistic flair with functionality. I see a strong movement towards artistic fusion and bold statements, where vibrant, statement-making designs blend classic and contemporary elements. This is complemented by tech-infused luxury, where cutting-edge technology is seamlessly integrated into elegant designs, including smart home systems and automated environments. Another significant trend is biophilic design, emphasizing organic forms, natural lighting, and the incorporation of living greenery, focusing on creating a harmonious blend of the natural and built environment.”

Main challenges and opportunities in 2024?

“This year brings its set of challenges alongside these exciting opportunities. One of the main challenges we face is balancing cost-effectiveness with high-quality design, especially in a market that’s increasingly cost-conscious. Additionally, the skilled labor shortage, particularly in construction and specialized installations, is a growing concern. Moreover, navigating the uncertainties of the macroeconomic environment, including financial instability and international conflicts is posing challenges to our strategic planning.

Despite these challenges, BL Associates is poised to seize numerous opportunities. Our focus on market diversification allows us to explore new sectors such as hotels, restaurants, special office and corporate projects, and residential ventures. This not only showcases our full range of capabilities but also aligns us with the latest demands in interior design through the integration of advanced technologies”

What are your company’s business targets in 2024?

“Our business targets for 2024 reflect our commitment to growth, with the ambitious goal of surpassing our previous year’s turnover of €8 million. In line with this, we are expanding our service palette, striving to offer comprehensive turnkey services across various segments, including banking, office, HoReCa, and residential. This expansion not only involves enhancing our project scope but also planning to grow our team by incorporating experts from various specializations. This strategic move is designed to enhance our capacity to handle a broader range of projects, thereby diversifying our expertise and reinforcing our market presence.

Our role as general contractors in boutique residential projects, where we construct villas for end beneficiaries, marks our venture into new territories and demonstrates our versatility and expertise. Alongside this, we are thrilled about our initiative in creating a boutique coffee shop and co-working space. This innovative project is much more than a physical space; it’s envisioned as a dynamic hub for business enthusiasts, fostering a community that’s deeply focused on design, learning, and growth.”