LEARN REAL ESTATE FROM THE PROS September – October 2020

Although the Romanian academic environment does not provide an educational platform for real estate sector, the property development & transactional activity in Romania and the regions is one of the most fervid. The real estate professionals, that we admire on TV have learnt from their practical activity, have negotiated impressive deals and have grown successful businesses.

Real Estate Academy by BREC is the first educational program that brings together several of the top performers in the private sector, for a 9 modules marathon. You will interact directly with them and you will learn all they had to learn by doing, in many years of activity on an emerging market.

Modules content:
  • Residential market
  • Office buildings market
  • Retail
  • Logistic market
  • Brokeraj & real estate advisory
  • Financing
  • Legal Real Estate
  • Asset Management
  • Marketing & Communication


Residential Market: Antoanela Comșa
General Manager, Gran Via România

Antoanela is leading the activities of the Spanish Real Estate developer in Romania, having developed a portfolio of 1.800 apartments up to present.
You`ll learn from her the strategies behind building a residential building – from land acquisition, concept, marketing strategy, sales and construction.

Office: Andrei Ivan
Sustainovation Director, Skanska CEE

With over 13 years in the real estate industry, Andrei has held various positions related to the management of sustainable commercial projects. The last years in Skanska have given him a global perspective, being involved in various projects with a positive impact on communities.
He will teach at the Real Estate Academy by BREC the entire process of developing office buildings, from the acquisition of the land to the sale of the project.

Retail: Ionuț Bordei
CEO, Element Group

Ionuț has a 20 years experience on the local real estate market and since 2017 he is the CEO of the Element Group.
Previous to his current position, he established the residential department of Eurisko, one of the first large brokerage companies in Romania, having promoted to Partner within the company.
At Real Estate Academy by BREC, he will approach all relevant components of the Retail market.


Logistic Market: Sînziana Pardhan
Managing Director România, P3 Logistic Parks

Sînziana is Managing Director for România of the P3 logistic development company held by GIC, the sovereign investment fund of Singapore. She manages a portfolio of 380.000 sqm industrial spaces.
You`ll learn from Sinziana the aspects behind building a logistic park, starting with land acquisition, concept, marketing & leasing strategy, the construction process, with applied case study on P3 Bucharest project.

Brokeraj & Real Estate Advisory: Mihnea Șerbănescu
General Manager, Cushman & Wakefield Echinox

Mihnea founded his own real estate advisory company 26 years ago, and starting 2017 Echinox is the exclusive affiliate of Cushman & Wakefield in Romania, held and operated independently. 
Mihnea will lead you into the secrets of establishing and growing a brokerage & advisory company, with case studies on various segments – land and investments, commercial leasing (office, retail, logistics), residential sales, research & advisory.

Financing: Alexandra Popa
Financing & Investment Manager, Element Group

After a decade with the Real Estate division of BCR, Alexandra Popa joined the Element Group, being in charge with all the Group`s investment projects. 
Alexandra will approach at Real Estate Academy by BREC the subject of banking financing and the criteria that a real estate project needs to meet in order to be bankable. 

Legal Real Estate: Roxana Dudău
Associated Partner, Noerr

Roxana has been working for more than 15 years with the international Law office Noerr, having specialized in Real Estate.
With the Real Estate Academy by BREC, she will approach Legal Affairs, with case studies on land acquisition contracts, general contracting contracts, leasing or investor sale. 

Asset Management: Alin Andreescu
Head of Asset Management, Office Division, One United Properties

Alin holds a 20 years on the local real estate market. At the present, he is Head of Asset Management with the Office Division of One United Properties, one of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses in Romania.
Alin will take you into the world of managing an income generating asset and how to build a smart asset management strategy starting from the project`s concept and development stage.  

Marketing & Communications: Despina Ponomarenco
Managing Partner, Verbio

Despina Ponomarenco has been active for 15 years in the real estate market and she leads Verbio, her Marketing & Communication agency, specialized in real estate.
At Real Estate Academy by BREC, Despina will show you what Marketing & Communication activity means in real estate, with applied case studies on positioning, branding and marketing & communication strategies. 

Fees & Registration:

  • Fees & Registration:>> The program is dedicated to: University graduates or final years (3 or 4) students who aim to build a real estate career, as well as to anyone who is already working in real estate or other sectors and aim to complete their know-how with practical learning from some of the best professional in the market. >> Admission fees: >> The program cost is 1.500 EUR, paid in two stages: 750 EUR by September 15, 2020, respectively by January 8, 2021. A 5% discount is applied on integral payment. >> Duration:

    >> The program will start in the Autumn of 2020 and will end in Spring 2021 – the exact schedule will be announced after September 15, following the closing of the registration process. 

    After program completion, participants will have 2 months to prepare their graduation theme and will receive a Graduation Certificate from BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB.

    As per authorities recommendations, the program will take place in a workshop hall, with all necessary social distancing measures in place or in a hybrid format (offline & online).

    Registered participants will be announced in September!


For more information, please call 0040 730 011 270!

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