BREC Talks with Delta Studio: „In 2022 we want to transform the business into a turnkey interior supplier”, says CEO DRAGOS BONEA

BREC Talks with Delta Studio: „In 2022 we want to transform the business into a turnkey interior supplier”, says CEO DRAGOS BONEA

BREC Talks with Delta Studio: „In 2022 we want to transform the business into a turnkey interior supplier”, says CEO DRAGOS BONEA 900 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

In 2022, Dragos Bonea aims to transform his business, Delta Studio from a materials supplier into a turnkey interior supplier. How will he do this?  Also, his plans include the start of two of his own real estate projects with a total value of EUR 10 million.

How would you describe 2021 for the business of your company? What were the main achievements of your company last year? 

Delta Studio ended 2021 with a revenue increase of approximately 12% and a profit increase of approximately 15%. The company focused on innovation, process optimization and strengthening smart luxury positioning. We have reached the targets established early 2021.

Among them:

  • The development of “Vernis Sunrise Villas” residential project, consisting of a set of 25 premium houses, built in a “gated community” system, in Corbeanca, IF. The investment value was about EUR 4.5 mil. + VAT. The deadline for their completion is June 2022.
  • We laid the foundations of DSD – Delta Studio Design, our own office of architecture & interior design. Through this, we address both B2C and B2B end – customers (developers, constructors). The results were fast and therefore we scaled this business direction by expanding the number of fellow architects, from 6 to 20. The projects carried out by DSD – Delta Studio Design was awarded in 2021 at the Property Awards (UK) and in within the Architecture Annual.
  • We started a DSI partnership program – Delta Studio Inside, through which Delta Studio provides the entire interior concept, from concept to project, materials and work execution, with active involvement in promoting and selling the project, including through co-branding. Some examples of CIO projects that started in 2021: ArtCity Residential Ensemble, in partnership with Bog’Art, CEC Bank, Level 2, Core-New Times, etc.

Which are your main objectives for 2022?

In 2022 we aim to transform our business from a “materials supplier” to a “turnkey interior supplier”.

In this regard, we focus on expanding and consolidating the architecture office, DSD.

  • We are working on the development of our own team, which will ensure the execution of the works, according to the standard imposed by our company.
  • We will start our own 2 real estate projects, with a total value of EUR 10 million. For the first time, I have already bought the land.
  • We are starting the preparations for the construction of the new logistics center in Giurgiu County. The purchased land has 25,000 m². The estimated investment is about EUR 10 mil. and will extend over 2022 – 2023.
  • We want to continue the digitization activity and for this step, we estimate an investment of EUR 500.000 in 2022.
  • For 2022 we have budgeted a 25% increase in turnover as compared to 2021.

How do you see the main trends shaping for 2022? 

We are optimistic. The segment of our company (smart luxury) is correlated with the residential market, which is also growing for 2022. The preferential 5% TVA rate for residential properties up to EUR 140,000 euros from January 1 boosted the demand on this segment.

In addition, our ability to integrate 100% interior design, so that we take responsibility for the entire project, is a strong differentiator, appreciated by most customers in this segment.

Delta Studio appeared on the Romanian market at a time when the terms “interior architecture” or “interior design” were vague and inaccessible and the offer of interior finishes was extremely limited.
Dragoș Bonea is the founder and general manager of Delta Studio, a business that initially started in 1996, by selling ceramic tiles for interior design.

The company led by Dragoș Bonea has evolved and adapted permanently over time. Delta Studio currently operates a community-supported professional solutions platform in the fields of architecture, interior design and construction. The company sells a varied portfolio of products, dedicated to interior architecture, through its own network of stores, available in the main cities of the country, but also online on