2024 Trends with Francesco Curcio, Pinum

2024 Trends with Francesco Curcio, Pinum

2024 Trends with Francesco Curcio, Pinum 844 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB


Francesco Curcio, General Manager, Pinum

Top 3 trends you foresee in 2024 for the segment of joinery & facades?

“The first noticeable trend is the rising demand for aluminum joinery across the European Union, a region we aim to expand our exports. Simultaneously, in Romania, we’re witnessing a consistent upward trajectory, marked by consumers’ heightened interest in energy efficiency and a growing recognition of the value of high-quality joinery.

The second emerging trend highlights a market that is becoming more conscious of sustainability and energy efficiency. Given the undeniable signs of climate change, the urgency to adopt measures that enhance the energy efficiency of homes and minimize the carbon footprint is apparent. It is crucial to initiate efforts that encourage the adoption of energy solutions that are both more efficient and kinder to the environment. We’ve observed a growing number of customers inquiring specifically about these aspects, indicating a shift towards more environmentally responsible choices.

The final emerging trend in joinery for 2024 emphasizes bespoke solutions that seamlessly blend with the overall design ethos of spaces. This direction is marked by the integration of diverse stylistic elements: Modern design is celebrated for its clean, straightforward appeal, enhanced by wide expanses of glass; the Industrial look offers a stripped-back, minimalist allure; Scandinavian style is noted for its fusion of simplicity with functionality, often highlighted by soft, natural tones; the Classical approach enriches spaces with a timeless sophistication through refined finishes; and Minimalism distills design down to its core, employing geometric lines and a monochromatic color scheme to foster serenity and focus.”

Main challenges and opportunities in 2024?

“The change in legislation — specifically, the elimination of the 10% health insurance contribution exemption — has led to increased production costs and posed a challenge in delivering already contracted projects without significant losses for many companies.

The year 2023 was marked by the postponement of many private investments in the real estate sector. Additionally, there was a decrease in the number of building permits issued in Bucharest. The cost of borrowing significantly increased in the previous years, leading to a reduction in the number of homes purchased.

With that being said, we’re observing a notable uptick in demand for aluminum joinery and facades, with expectations of continued growth in the home renovation sector, a niche where Pinum can excellently cover.

An increasing number of consumers are in search of high-quality home improvement solutions that promise enduring value and structural integrity. Ultimately, Pinum offers products designed to serve our customers well beyond a decade, embodying lasting excellence and reliability in every piece.

We have also observed a growing demand for a comprehensive service solution from our market, alleviating customers from the intricate process of replacing their flooring, windows, and doors. Pinum is committed to delivering an all-encompassing customer service experience. From the very first step into our showrooms, customers can anticipate receiving complimentary, above-standard consultations, precise measurements by our expert team to ensure their exact requirements are met, Pinum – approved installation professionals, and a long-term post-purchase customer relationship that extends for many years after the product installation.”

What are your company’s business targets in 2024?

“We are preparing for the launch of a state-of-the-art Pinum factory. Our strategic vision entails extensive process automation to boost operational efficiency, enhance product quality, and minimize turnaround times. Within this facility, we will inaugurate a cutting-edge Pinum joinery factory, fully equipped with the latest machinery.

Furthermore, we are actively investing in digital transformation, making substantial progress in the implementation of integrated CRM and ERP systems. This initiative aims to streamline operations, reduce friction, expedite processes, and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience.

Our overarching objective remains centered on fortifying the brand’s reputation and orchestrating the expansion of our franchise network.”