How to raise value of Real Estate through Innovation

How to raise value of Real Estate through Innovation 1400 898 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

How to raise value of Real Estate

through Innovation

Fluctuating market conditions, changes in consumers behaviors and the rapid development of technology and innovation are shaping a new real estate industry. According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate®: Europe 2018 survey by PwC & Urban Land Institute, over 50% of the respondents agree that technology, big data and the rise of “space as a service” will disrupt the traditional property valuation model.

As the most important event in technology, Consumer and Electronics Show (CES), has ended we have looked at major innovations that are impacting the real estate industry:


The discussion about innovative ways to manage assets is on everybody’s lips, especially as redevelopment seems to be one of the most attractive instruments to acquire prime assets this year, deploying investors’ strategy based on smart asset management.

Zenplace, an innovative real estate and technology company based in Silicon Valley, wants to reinvented property management, tenant placement and leasing to provide a better owner experience. The business model combines experienced property management professionals with artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobile technologies, providing owners with higher returns, lower costs, and an overall better owner experience. The firm’s latest development is a robot that provides smart guided home showings. Zenplace hopes its new robot tours will move homes off the market faster.

Ecovacs Robotics displayed at CES the Winbot X, the most recent window cleaning robot model, which is cordless and runs on an internal battery. The new model defies gravity to clean windows and eliminates the need for a power source.


As classical retailers face tough competition from online sector (H&M announced in December sales in the September-November period were far below its own expectations, planning to close more H&M stores and opening fewer new ones, according to media reports) the retail industry is sensitive to new developments.

In a response to the challenges of the retail sector, Toyota showed off at CES a new concept called e-Palette, a vehicle similar to a food truck that is highly customizable from a retail pop up shop, to a rolling restaurant or even a donation-pickups vehicle. Partners in the company’s new e-Palette Alliance include Amazon, Uber and Pizza Hut.

Kino-mo’s Hypervision Wall benefited from a lot of attention in Las Vegas. Made up of multiple propeller-looking modules adorned with programmable LEDs, the Wall creates holographic images up to 3 meters in size. This is a cutting-edge visual solution for creating, managing and displaying unique 3D video content with holographic effect. It uniquely combines a smart Hypervsn management platform and a Hypervsn projection unit, a hi-tech hardware device generating stunning 3D visuals perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms floating in the mid-air. It can be used in a shopping mall, increasing footfall for the retailers which implement this solution. Early versions of Hypervsn were successfully used by Red Bull, BMW, McDonald’s, Virgin Media, Dell or Moet Hennesy.


As people are changing the way they are organizing their personal and professional lives, the workspace concept is also adapting and tends to be a more simplified & cost competitive format. Office developers look closely at the new techniques available and also take into consideration co-working spaces along with classic occupied property.

Virtelo is a touchscreen technology that provides the office visitors with a unique and friendly alternative to the typical front desk receptionist. Office security should be on the minds of business owners. Using Virtelo, companies can lock their doors to protect employees and data, yet still provide a personal touch to visitors and guests. It works based on a monthly subscription.

The Vuzix Blade Smart Sunglasses, officially unveiled at CES 2018, provide a wearable smart display with a see-through viewing experience utilizing Vuzix’s proprietary waveguide optics and Cobra II display engine. It’s like having your computer or smartphone screen information with you wherever you go.

Where we work, how we work and how we get to work is also influencing the workspace format. Smacircle, based in Shenzhen, China, claims it’s built the world’s most compact and lightweight foldable eBike, also presented for the first time at CES 2018. Weighing in at roughly 15 pounds (6.8 kg), the bike can be folded into a small backpack and locked using your phone.


Smart homes already represent an old subject on the real estate agenda, but new, improved gadgets launched at CES 2018 showed how technology can make life simpler.

Buddy the robot looks as cute as his name is and can also do some tricks around your home. It can control your smart residence, respond to voice commands, act as a home security device, play music acts as a calendar or alarm clock.

Singlecue tracks your hand in the air, allowing you to control your media and living room devices touch-free. The system controls the entertainment devices, removing the necessity for remotes. Singlecue connects to the existing TV and media devices and works with over 100,000 devices.

Ultraloq is designed to be keyless for maximum flexibility and convenience. It can be used by fingerprint, code or key to unlock. The client has full control of all guests’ access and can simply share a code to let visitors in when he or she are not there. It can work also just by knocking the phone in the pocket.

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