IMPACT sued the authorities for the legalization of the Vadul Moldovei public road

IMPACT sued the authorities for the legalization of the Vadul Moldovei public road

IMPACT sued the authorities for the legalization of the Vadul Moldovei public road 999 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

IMPACT Developer & Contractor filed a court action against Bucharest City Hall, Bucharest District 1 City Hall and Romsilva National Forest Management, in order to determine those institutions to comply with the obligations assumed by the decisions of the General Council of the City of Bucharest, those of the Local Council of District 1 and those from the  acceptance act of the donation concluded with IMPACT, and to definitively open public access between Privighetorilor Alley and Pădurea Pustnicu Road, connecting to their residential development, Greenfield.

The decision to begin the court actions was taken because of the authorities’ delay to start the procedure for the definitive reopening of public access on the Vadul Moldovei road, in accordance with the assumed legal obligations and as a result of the groundless statements of some representatives of these institutions who had the task to solve, not hinder, this process.

“Considering the closure of a segment of Vadul Moldovei Street which served as the only access road to District 1 for the residents of the GREENFIELD Băneasa complex, as well as the most recent public statements by the local authorities refusing to implement their own decisions, IMPACT has no other legal way than to sue them. We do this with regret, as we would have wished for a much better collaboration with the authorities, for the benefit of the 6,500 residents of District 1,” said Constantin Sebeșanu, CEO of IMPACT Developer & Contractor.

Starting 2017, Impact took the initiative and submitted 3 (three) urban planning documentations for the creation of 3 (three) additional accesses for the tenants of the Greenfield Băneasa neighborhood. So far, the approval procedures have not been completed. IMPACT has demonstrated that it has the ability to carry out such infrastructure projects, as evidenced by more than 8 km of internal roads built so far in the GREENFIELD Băneasa complex.

To support and speed up the definitive resolution of the situation, six years ago, IMPACT donated three plots of land with a total area of ​​6,000 sqm, located in the urban area of District 1 of the Municipality of Bucharest, to Bucharest’s City Hall, with the aim of carrying out the formalities to transfer the road from the public domain of the Romanian State in the public domain of the Municipality of Bucharest. This was an essential condition in resolving the situation and should have facilitated and accelerated the whole process, the rest being formalities between the state authorities. The history of the road belonging to Vadul Moldovei Street can be consulted here –