Accelerating Growth

Accelerating Growth

Accelerating Growth

CEO, Akcent Development Group
Akcent Development Group T/O (2020):
€48 M
Current investments:
Over € 65 M (Navigatiei Residential Project)
More than 12 years, in retail and legal sectors

Laurentiu Afrasine is the CEO of Akcent Development since February 2020, with a career in real estate which started within the retail industry and with over 10 years of experience in the legal sector. Laurentiu oversees all aspects of the company’s operations and team members, along with the financial and legal management.

Laurentiu has successfully engaged in the financial management of the Akcent Development group, while reimbursing the funding; he also accelerated the process of completing the Cloud 9 residential project and has established an experienced sales team, guiding the clients in the process of finding premium apartments and penthouses according to their particular needs and requirements.

The Akcent Development Group is one of the largest residential developers in Bucharest, with 20 years of experience in the Bucharest real estate market and approximately 7.500 apartments in its portfolio, including the 820 premium residential units of the Cloud 9 project. The group’s portfolio also includes 4 office projects: Eminescu Offices, Mendeleev Office 5, Maria Rosetti Tower and Oscar One. The total value of the most recent office buildings in the developer`s portfolio (Eminescu Offices and Mendeleev Office 5) is over 30 M EUR.

Along 2020, the strategy of Akcent Development focused on adapting the business and the best use of resources according to the context generated by the pandemic, using all the knowledge for the future development of two new residential projects in Bucharest.

Up to the present, Mendeleev Office 5 office building has reached an occupancy rate of 70% and Cloud 9 residential project has sold 67% of its apartments (550 units out of a total of 820). So far, all the 2-room apartments have been sold, as the developer aims to have sold 90% of the total number of units by the end of 2021.

“In this new context, buyers are more and more interested in the duplex units with private gardens on the ground floor, which provide ideal green spaces for work and relaxation, but also by the clever partitioning of apartments, the bright spaces offered by the large glazed surfaces and the privileged position for those who work in the Northern part of Bucharest.”