New opportunities for the real estate market in Romania

New opportunities for the real estate market in Romania

New opportunities for the real estate market in Romania 900 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB


Bucharest Real Estate Club in partnership with the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the Budget & Finance Committee from the Chamber of Deputies organized today at the Palace of the Parliament, the round table on the regulation of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

REITs are investment vehicles which facilitate the access of individuals and legal entities to a diversified portfolio of real estate properties. Through these entities, investors can access and invest in real estate in a simplified and efficient manner. An important aspect of REITs is that they are listed companies on a regulated exchange, which ensures transparency, liquidity, and proper oversight for investors.

“The Romanian real estate market has faced many challenges in recent years: the restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, inflation, the war near the border, the lack of predictability and, particularly for Bucharest, the urban blockage. Under these conditions, the regulation of this instrument would attract new investors, which are not present on the market”, Despina Ponomarenco, BREC President said.

The debate was attended by Alfred Simonis, Interim President of the Chamber of Deputies; Florin Spătaru, State Counsellor within the Prime Minister’s Chancellery; members of the Budget & Finance Committee from the Chamber of Deputies; Adrian Zuckerman, former ambassador of USA in Romania; Adrian Tanase, CFA, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange; Dan Manolescu, President of the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants; representatives of the Financial Supervisory Authority; representatives of pension funds, as well as representatives of BREC member companies: Tinu Sebesanu – IMPACT Developer & Contractor; Marius Persenea – IULIUS; Bogdan Gubandru – Redport Capital; Alexandru Bonea and Antoanela Virginia Comsa – Meta Estate Trust; Laura Dumea-Bencze – CBRE Romania; Costin Nistor – FORTIM Trusted Advisors; Alliance Member of BNP Paribas Real Estate; Tudor Iuga – Simon, Iuga & Partners; Real Estate Advisors; Roxana Roman (Dudau) – Wolf Theiss; Mihaela Ispas and Ioana Grigoriu – Filip & Company.

The regulation of REIT- type instruments was included in the OECD recommendations regarding the capital market in Romania, in the report issued by the organization in 2022. Currently, all G-7 nations and almost two thirds of the OECD countries have institutionalized these entities.

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