2024 Trends with Andrei Diaconescu, One United Properties

2024 Trends with Andrei Diaconescu, One United Properties

2024 Trends with Andrei Diaconescu, One United Properties 800 587 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB


Andrei Diaconescu, Co-Founder, One United Properties

”Romania holds a strong position within the Central and Eastern European economy, standing out as an attractive market for foreign investors and currently showcasing the highest yields and profitability in the region and the European Union. Whether we are talking about the residential or office segment, investors are seeking to place their money in secure, premium projects whose value increases regardless of the context. The average price for residential acquisitions in Bucharest remains significantly lower compared to other major cities in the region, providing opportunities for both foreign investors and local buyers seeking more modern housing. Furthermore, the CEE is set to become the centre of gravity for European growth, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, and in this context, Romania becomes a more prominent regional distribution hub, especially for South-Eastern Europe.

The real estate market in Romania has significant growth potential and remains highly attractive for both clients and investors. This is primarily due to the substantial structural deficit of high-quality housing, despite challenges such as inflation, rising interest rates, and urban planning issues in Bucharest. With an increase in both demand and affordability in the residential market and with few new office deliveries, well-located and ESG-compliant properties are in much higher demand and 2024 will strengthen the flight to quality trend seen in the past few years.”