2024 Trends with Ioana Roman, Filip & Company

2024 Trends with Ioana Roman, Filip & Company

2024 Trends with Ioana Roman, Filip & Company 900 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB


Ioana Roman, Partner, Filip & Company

In the realm of real estate projections for this year, we anticipate distinct trends that are poised to shape the industry landscape.

Foreseeable growth is anticipated in the realm of infrastructure development. Romania and Central and Eastern Europe stand as attractive choices due to ongoing infrastructure changes and heightened demand for modern facilities.

The retail sector is primed for continued evolution, marked by a transition from smaller retail parks to expansive, integrated projects. Notable developments in 2023, such as the inauguration of a significant shopping mall in Craiova, underscore a growing interest in substantial retail endeavors, whether standalone or integrated within significant mixed-use developments.

In the industrial sector, despite rising rents impacting the appeal of Romanian warehouses for global businesses, Romania, along with Central and Eastern Europe, remains attractive when considering overall costs. Expected short-term fluctuations in 2024 leasing demand maintain the anticipation of sustained tenant interest, especially compared to pre-pandemic levels. The sub 7 million sqm of modern warehouses at the start of 2024 may not align perfectly with the country’s development but signals a promising path for the local industrial and logistics market, corroborated also with infrastructure development.

Projections for the office space sector indicate a period of stagnation, with minimal anticipated growth in 2024. This trend reflects evolving work patterns and preferences, influenced by the aftermath of the global pandemic.

The residential real estate market is expected to witness a status quo this year. While the longer-term demand for well-priced residential units in many areas of the country remains supported, factors such as central bank policy adjustments and robust wage growth are likely to influence buying interest.