Member News: Alukonigstahl signed EUR 17 million business for architectural systems in the first 9 months of 2021

Member News: Alukonigstahl signed EUR 17 million business for architectural systems in the first 9 months of 2021

Member News: Alukonigstahl signed EUR 17 million business for architectural systems in the first 9 months of 2021 1200 600 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

Alukonigstahl Romania, the local subsidiary of the European leader on the aluminum, PVC and steel systems market, signed in the first 9 months of 2021 a business volume worth 17 million euros, representing contracts for architectural systems for curtain walls, doors and windows, for real estate projects developed in Bucharest and the major cities in the country.

Thus, the company signed this year the delivery of 19,000 sqm of aluminum joinery, of which 3,900 sqm sliding doors in various construction variants. The main trend of this year is the increase of the demand for products with high energy coefficients, the energy-efficient windows representing 25% of the total contracted systems.

“There is a clear preference among the developers of residential projects for the use of windows and doors systems with high energy efficiency. It is not just about the new European standard NZEB – Nearly Zero Energy Building or the specific requirements for obtaining the green LEED or BREEAM certifications, but about the differentiating elements that premium project developers are trying to bring on the market for final buyers of apartments (a higher comfort and considerable savings on the heating bill),” says Attila Beer, Country Manager, Alukonigstahl Romania and Moldova. The company contracted sustainable architectural systems for a total of 120 projects so far this year.

Among the residential projects for which Alukonigstahl delivered aluminum and PVC joinery systems this year are compounds such as Nusco City (NUSCO Imobiliara), Cortina North (Eden Capital Development), Avalon Baneasa Residence Park (Prime Kapital), Isho Living 2 Timisoara (Mulberry Development), Buena Vista Residencial (Latres Investii), Triama Residence (Speedwell).

“On the retail segment, although large investments lacked from the market this year, in the first 9 months we delivered or are in course of delivering aluminum joinery systems for 18 Kaufland stores, a Lidl logistics center and 40 other Lidl stores, distributed throughout the country,” the representative of Alukonigstahl adds.

The share of office building projects compared to the residential segment changed this year, according to market dynamics. Thus, 60% of the demand was registered on the residential segment, 16% – retail projects, 8% – office projects, the remaining 16% being registered on the segment of hotels, industrial and logistics projects, sports stadiums or clinics and hospitals.

The most important projects contracted by Alukonigstahl in recent months were One Peninsula residential compound (One United Properties), Cortina North (Eden Capital Development), Equilibrium Office Building (phase 2, developed by Skanska), Swissotel in Bucharest (Niro Investment Group), Unique Residence Iasi (M2M Solution).

The main market challenges this year:

The main challenges this year remain those related to the increase of raw material prices, which increased uncontrollably on the international markets, which led to a lack of predictability in the real estate development process, as well as an inevitable increase in purchase prices for the final beneficiaries.  

Another problem is the generalization of the shortage of raw materials, which is reflected in the segment of aluminum profiles, but also in the production of insulators and gaskets, but also of PVC profiles, which leads to an unpredictable increase in delivery times, company officials highlight.

Alukonigstahl is the exclusive supplier in Romania for Schuco (world leader in aluminum and PVC systems) and Jansen (supplier of steel profile systems).

Alukonigstahl is a company active in Central and Eastern Europe and is a property of the fourth generation of Konig family. The continuous investments in innovation have propelled Alukonigstahl as market leader in Europe. 

For more than 60 years, the company formed an alliance with two international premium systems suppliers: Schuco, world leader in aluminium systems and PVC experts and Jansen, steel profiles specialist.