Member News: Ionut Dumitrescu & Sacha Dragic, JV to develop a new player on the Romanian logistic market

Member News: Ionut Dumitrescu & Sacha Dragic, JV to develop a new player on the Romanian logistic market

Member News: Ionut Dumitrescu & Sacha Dragic, JV to develop a new player on the Romanian logistic market 714 450 BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB

Sacha Dragic, the founder of Superbet Group and real estate investor Ionut Dumitrescu, the founder of Element Industrial, announce a partnership for the development of ELI Parks logistics network. Anca Damour, a professional with 19 years of experience in the real estate & retail areas, teams up with the new JV. The association is subject to the authorization of the Competition Council.

In the first phase, the project aims to develop 500.000 sqm of industrial space in key areas for the development of the domestic economy, in 4 years. In the second phase, the strategy involves accelerated national expansion and interconnection – including through land acquisitions – with logistic parks in Central & Eastern Europe. The project will be developed by the new entity created from the partnership between ELI and D Craig Real Estate, the real estate division of the investment fund D Craig Holding, controlled by Sacha Dragic. The new entity starts with a capital injection of 90 M €, divided equally between Ionut Dumitrescu and Sacha Dragic. D Craig Real Estate will be led by Anca Damour as CEO.

With the ambitious portfolio it targets, the new joint venture with full Romanian capital will increase the competition on the domestic logistics market, dominated today by multinational players.

Ionut Dumitrescu is the founder of Element Group, with diverse investments in logistics, retail and office. Part of Element Group, Element Industrial is one of the most active local developers on the logistics market. The pandemic created new opportunities in the logistics market, in the context of digitalization acceleration and the growth of the e-commerce market. Through the diversity of products in the portfolio of Element Industrial, the developer aims to be a flexible partner for logistics space tenants in Romania. Besides the investments from the Buftea-Chitila hub, Element Industrial is working on several projects located in cities such as Braila, Ploiesti or Pitesti. All projects under the “ELI Parks” brand are developed to international class A standards, with the main objective of fully covering the needs of potential tenants, regardless of the field in which they operate. In this context, the concepts used in the development of parks allow flexibility in accommodating a wide range of needs, both technical and operational.

Sacha Dragic has become in recent years one of the most important entrepreneurs in Romania, the Superbet group already exceeding the value of 2.5 BN €. In 2019, it gained the trust of Blackstone, one of the largest private equity funds in the world, which became a minority shareholder in Superbet, and this year marked the largest transaction made by a Romanian company abroad – the acquisition of the third player in the Belgian betting & gaming market. Dragic currently has a diversified portfolio of investments – in financial services (minority packages in the Mozaik Investments fund and in Certinvest), but also in companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, such as Holde Agri. Dragic also controls D Moonshots, a direct and indirect venture capital fund (Venture Capital).

Anca Damour teams up with the new JV and becomes CEO of the D Craig Real Estate. After 19 years at Carrefour, during which time she coordinated the successful expansion of the French group in Romania, she supervised M&As such as Carrefour-Billa or got involved in launching new service business models (Bringo), Anca Damour becomes a partner and the new executive director of D Craig Real Estate.